Greetings Terrans, I have another brace of heroes from the Cursed City game to share this week, but before we get to that I want to let you all know that I will NOT be running Fembruary this year. I’m juggling too much at the moment, with work, studies, family, home renovations, hobby and fitness all competing for my attention, and honestly I just do not have the bandwidth to coordinate another thing at the moment. That said, please do go and paint some fantastic female figures from your collections & tag them as Fembruary! I will be doing the same, but I just don’t have time to do all the wrap-up work at the end of it all. Maybe it’s time Fembruary just ‘was’ rather than it be something led and curated, but that’s for another day – key thing now is please do go for it, but don’t expect me to do an end-of-month summary 😊

Right, back to the Cursed City, and a pair of balanced characters that look equally effective at range as they are in melee. First up, it’s ‘Jelsen Darrock’:

First things first, let me get the whole ‘Can you smell what Darrock’s cookin’?’ guff out of the way. There is no way that is ever getting old in my immature little mind, so I just need to get it out there & move on. Second things second, what a model… Jelsen is an absolute cracker of a mini with a great pose, a lovely level of detail, and a real understated quality to him. I think this is another one of the top tier of minis from the set, and was a joy to paint. As with the Dorf, I’ve corroded the metal to imply entropy and decay, while the leather is worn and cracked. The overall feeling is one of the character being worn and tired, but still ruthlessly effective and dangerous.


Next up is the rather fabulously named ‘Glaurio Ven Alten III’:

He cuts a fine figure, striding forward with his pistol drawn & hand resting on his sabre – again, another top-tier mini in my opinion. I wanted Glaurio to look quite grand, even if that grandeur is somewhat faded & tired looking. I gave him a slightly darker skin tone to imply a touch of the exotic, and I picked out his jewellery & buttons in gold to really push that angle, (although the more mundane metals still show corrosion & wear). I think the mirror is a nice touch, and I loosely painted a hint of reflection in there. As a side note, this is another mini that I would like to bring into the 40k universe – he’s crying out for a las pistol & pith helmet if you ask me!


Anyway, that’s it for another week – next post will be the final two heroes & then Cursed City is done. Laters Potaters