Greetings Terrans, thanks for swinging by! I have the final two heroes from Cursed City to share today – it’s the bashy-hitty-tanky ones.

First up the ‘not a Paladin honest gov’ warrior ‘Emelda Braskov’:

Emelda is a lovely mini – great pose, lovely detail and a really characterful face, and that eagle’s head is a really nice touch too. She has more than a hint of Brienne of Tarth about her & that is an excellent thing in my book. I painted her armour to look tarnished & worn, but there is no doubting the sharpness of that sword!

Finally, it’s the big fella, Ogre mercenary ‘Brutogg Corpse-Eater’:

Brutogg is another absolute belter of a mini… THIS is what Ogres should look like in my opinion – big & heavily muscled, but not run to fat, and certainly not naked, moustachioed, and riding around on woolly rhinos! (looking at you GeeDub…)

There is so much lovely detail to pick out – various trinkets and doodabs from across the Mortal Realms, just like you’d expect for a Merc… I really enjoyed painting the amphora up as glass for example, and that shoulder armour was an absolute delight! Now, obviously I’ve taken some artistic license on the skin colour, but he looks so much like Ragnarök Hulk that it seemed a shame not to just go with it… I think it looks really cool, and that’s the most important thing (obviously), but if anyone really needs a rationale, we can blame it on the corpse diet 😊

Here’s a fun pic of all the heroes together:

Oh, and one last thing to close out the project – I wanted to give my Cursed City minis a home to be proud of so I bought a bespoke storage system from Feldherr. I’m really pleased with my purchase – It all fits in the original game box, albeit with an extra 2 inches of height when closed (necessitating an elastic strap for the box). Here they all are, snug and safe:

Would recommend…

And that’s it for the Cursed City set! I’ll be taking a bit of a step back for a few weeks as I deal with some boring life stuff, but I will be back soon with some Fembruary offerings. Stay safe dudes, catch you all on the flip side.