Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’ve been really under the pump these last weeks & so I don’t have much hobby to show, but I did manage to achieve 2 things:

1: I finished my Ghost Archipelago warband – just about a year after starting the bugger! You can remind yourselves of the inspiration behind the warband here (go on, I’ll wait…)

2: I’ve booked flights to Dublin at the end of the month for the event itself – frickin’ awesome! It’ll be my first flight since late 2019, so I hope I can remember how it all works :-)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the latest warband members shall we?

From left to right we have a Pearl Diver, a Tomb Robber, a Herbalist, and a Warhound.


I also wanted to add some range to my warband, (anyone who has played Frostgrave or GA knows how deadly combat is, so being able to stand off & shoot is a smart move!):

Counts-as Crossbows


Counts-as Bows


Guide (staff & bow)


Here’s the whole group together – a motley crew to pick from and no mistake!!


I have one final model to show – I’m hugely grateful and touched that Azazel sent this amazing Coral Golem to me all the way over from Australia… just because I liked it so much!

What a superb and generous human bean Azazel is – thanks a million mate! I certainly didn’t want to mess with this paint job, but I did a few touch-ups here and there, and re-did the base to tie it in with the rest of the warband. I’ll be sure to share pics of this marvellous creature wrecking shit up in the Ghost Archipelago in Dublin in a few weeks :-)

That’s all folks, catch you from the Emerald Isles!