Greetings Terrans, how goes it? So as you can probably tell from the title, I’ve been dabbling around on the Sludge band waggon recently – in fact my Fembruary minis were all painted with Sludge in mind. I have since painted the rest of the Black Crab minis to join the sorceress in my new army.

First up,

First up, my Army Commander plus Battle Standard:

As I painted these two, something about the amputated stump on the standard bearer, and especially the prosthetic leg on the Commander started the idea of a self-styled king who was actually a tinkering engineer type – think like the toy maker in the original Bladerunner, or like something out of the Otherlands books…The idea of the Toymaker Kinge was born – a depraved genius who travels through the decaying world of Sludge, scavenging ancient technologies and materials, recruiting followers where he can, or building clockwerke versions where he can’t. The Toymaker Kinge is equally fascinated with the machinery of the flesh, and will happily amputate, mutilate and augment followers in the pursuit of knowledge, and is even rumoured to be skilled enough to bring the dead back to a semblance of life with the aid of machinery.


Next is the Kinge’s Bodyguard:

While both appear organic, they are actually examples of the Toymaker’s genius with creating clockwerke followers. However, rumours abound that they are not entirely machine, and that there is a grisly organic component to the bodyguards… Whatever the truth, they are unflinching in their defence of the Kinge.


Next is this creepy trio, known as ‘The Triad’ (‘chaplain’ & body guard):

The true origin and nature of The Triad is known only to the Toymaker himself, but while they never talk, eat or sleep, the unmistakable smell of rotten flesh follows them wherever they go. Whatever the truth, they excel at driving the Kinge’s other mechanical followers to greater efforts in executing their orders.


Finally my first unit – The Cursed (Arcanists):

The Cursed truly are the most pitiful of the Toymaker Kinge’s followers so far. These creatures were encountered during the Kinge’s travels through the world of Sludge, and were captured & pressed in to service purely because of their unnatural ability to use forbidden magiks to manipulate reality to give the Kinge’s troops a vital edge in combat. Tortured into obedience, The Cursed are a truly disturbing sight on the battlefield.


Anyway, that’s it for now – next up it’ll be time to add some troops to this army!