Greetings Terrans, how goes it? It has been insanely busy here in Leadballoonyville, but I did manage to get some painting done for Fembruary – check these ladies out:

I’ve painted these to join a small army I’m putting together for Sludge – the lady in the middle is a Sorceress and the others are her bodyguard. They are from Black Crab and were lovely things to paint – I can see these minis fitting in to so many games. I’m particularly pleased with getting the eye-glow through the veil effect, took a bit of faffing but worth it I reckon.

I also painted this female mini from the same range:

I have no idea what to use her for… maybe a shrieking artillery piece? Whatever, she’s pretty damn cool so I painted her some creepy playmates:


And that’s it from me on the minis front, but I want to leave a quick plug for my just-giving page – please do pop over & have a look if you have time:

I did a snowy training hike over the weekend so have a nice hiking pic for your troubles:

I’m in not-terrible shape for my age, but hiking is a different kind of fitness altogether and I was just about hanging in there towards the end! Didn’t help the ego that all the other hikers were 65 or over! 😂

Ah well, onwards and upwards 👍