Greetings Terrans, just a quicky today – I finished up the Chaos Space Marines from BSF, which nicely concludes the baddies half of the box. First up, these two dudes:

Not too much to say about them really – they are identical models apart from a different head option, and are posed in a pretty static ‘on guard’ kinda way. They are supposed to be Black Legion, so no big surprises on the painting front – I just went with the same method as I did for the Legion of the Damned that I did a while back. I’m not a huge fan of painting Marines at the best of times, and these two were pretty uninspiring, but good to get them done.


Next up is the big-bad Chaos Lord from the box – the rather grand-sounding ‘Obsidius Mallex’:

He is also Black Legion according to the fluff, but I fancied taking a different approach to his armour & instead opted for grimy bone plate, with pinky-red for the organic mutant tendrils that run over and through his armour. I’m not a fan of these silly ‘because mutation’ tubes in CSMs at the best of times, but GW manage to take this irritating trend and turn it up to 11 on this guy, turning an otherwise ok model into a bit of a pig’s ear. And don’t get me started on that ridiculous top-knot thing – there is no way that isn’t tearing a chunk out of his scalp at the slightest head movement… Oh, no, wait, it’s ok because ‘Transhuman’ and ‘Chaos’. Ugh :-/

Still, as with his Bro-Marines, I’m glad to have him done. Here they are hanging out together & looking moody:


And that’s it for this post – catch you muddy truckers next time!