Greetings Terrans, bit of a random post to close out the week. A few weeks back, I shared these rather dapper Lord of the Rings measuring gauges & was mulling over how best to store them so I could still get to them easily for gaming porpoises. Midgetmanifesto hit on a brilliant idea with a weapon rack a la Heroquest, with Wudugast going one step further & suggesting I build it out of wood… Well that’s exactly what I did:

It’s made out of 10mm square balsa dowels, roughed up & put together with proper joins, and then pinned with bits of paperclip. I used more paperclips to make the weapon hangers, then I used GreenStuff to add nail heads & bulk out the hangers. Finally, I painted the metal up with Leadbelcher, washed it with Nuln Oil, and finally used Contrast paint to stain the wood. Job done!

Here it is fully loaded:

Gandalf’s staff is 12″, so that gives you an idea of scale!

That’s all folks, just a bit of fun :-)