Greetings Terrans, something truly random today – I recently picked up one of those new-fangled ‘League of Votann’ nouveaux-Squats as a free giveaway mini at the local GW… well, seemed rude not to do something with it:


I spliced in some Fyreslayer bits & and gave him a CSM head from BS Fortress – no plan, I just wanted to do something a bit different really! The paint job was a bit of a faff – I hate edge highlighting at the best of times, but I hate it even more when the actual edges aren’t very clearly defined… Still, it’s tough to argue with free, and he came out ok I think.

As a side note, last week Jon posted a comment about the Votann, comparing them to the Sontarans from Dr. Who – absolutely spot on with the official GW fluff, and the head that I used is a bit too close for comfort – now I can’t unsee it! As another side note, I think I have painted more Dwarfs this year than I have over the rest of my life… weird!

Anyhoo, that’s all for this post – painting time is a bit limited at the moment, but hopefully I’ll manage to get a little bit of something done for next week. Cheers!