AoS Vampire Diaries part 3

Greetings Terrans, I have more Vampiric goodies to share with you today – I was going to spread these out over several posts, but I’m starting to get myself all mixed up over what to share and when… I’m just going to get all these out there in the name of simplification – it’s a bit of a photo dump, but there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said about the Vamps we have seen so far – hopefully you’ll just sit back and enjoy the show :-)

Fist up is three different versions of the Commemorative Series mini ‘Anasta Malkorion, Vampire Lord’:

The conversions were fun, and I found that Daughters of Khaine bits fit in quite nicely. I really like the thought of a Vampire archer… quite edgy in a world where a wooden stake through the heart is a sore subject!


Next we have ‘Kritza the Rat Prince’:

Great model to paint, but a bugger to photograph…


Next is Lady Annika, the Thirsting Blade:

Brilliant model, a real pleasure to paint.


Next is the generic Vampire Lord mini:

He’s a good enough model, but I just couldn’t take the stupid hair bats seriously & so they had to go :-)


Next is a 3D printed Vampire from Mark at HeresyofUs:

He was fun to paint, though I found the detail to be a bit too soft to do a great job with Contrast paints. Still the wet-blending was nice, and he is a worthy addition to the Vamp crew.


Next is the now out-of-production Warhammer Underworlds Crimson Court:

Brilliant models – I have no idea why GW took them out of production! If you get a chance to grab some then I strongly urge you to do so!


Talking of out-of-production, I used some Birthday money (thanks M&D!!) to grab a set of Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard when I spotted them on the GW ‘last chance to buy’ page:

Again, brilliant models, and I specifically painted them to go well with the Crimson Court… notice how tall the Vamps are compared to the human skellies!


Oh, and I also turned the alternate torso & head from Lauka Vai into a themed objective marker:


And finally, here’s the whole Vampire family group shots:

Phew!! And that’s all folks – well done for sticking with it! You are now up to date with everything Vampire related in my hobby world.

Next up, strap in for a journey into the Eightpoints as the lure of Chaos finally claims my soul…

AoS Vampire Diaries part 2

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’m renewing my efforts to keep on top of my blog so let’s get another set of Vamps out there!

First up, the rather snappily titled ‘Belladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos’:

As with Lauka Vai last week, Belladamma is more of a mini-diorama than a stand-alone figure, and was a real joy to paint. As is now usual, I started out with Contrast paints for a basecoat, and applied shading, highlighting, drybrushing, etc. I also had a little play at putting some irradiance effects into her feathered shoulder thingy:

The whole thing was a beauty to paint with the wolves being particularly fun, but Belladama, rightly, is the star of the show. Honestly, I think this is one of the best minis in already strong stable, and I heartily recommend this if anyone is looking for a nice painterly project :-)


Next up is ‘Radukar, the Beast’:

This mini represents an evolution (devolution?) of the version of Radukar that we met in the Cursed City boxed set. He is another big piece/mini diorama and is a lovely thing to paint, but I thought the little dude with the cup of blood was a bit goofy, and that alone places it slightly below Belladamma in my estimation. Still, The Beast is a very satisfying project for anyone that fancies it – my only recommendation is to paint the little bastards first if possible – they are a sod to get at once the whole thing is assembled.

That’s it for now – catch you next time!

AoS Vampire Diaries part 1

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Huge apologies for being so shit at blogging of late – I’ve been a bit burned out for various reasons & just haven’t had the bandwidth to post regularly… That is not to say I haven’t been painting though, and I have a bit of a treat to share today.

Now, a few months back I completed the rather excellent Cursed City box – as good a set of minis as GW have ever produced I reckon. This box was originally released in April 2021, and controversially, it sold out mega fast. At a similar time as this was released, a whole slew of Vampires were also released – seemingly without much fanfare or strategy. I have since heard that these Vamps were originally planned to be expansions for Cursed City, and that those plans went tits-up when Brexit kicked in… I don’t know about all that, but net-net, we had a sudden shitload of very cool Vampire minis. I was on a bit of a roll with Cursed City, so I went on a bit of a splurge.

Here is the first of these Brexit Vamps – I figured I’d start big, so here’s ‘Lauka Vai, Mother of Nightmares’:


Wow, what a mini – more of a mini-diorama actually! She is a really weird amalgam of giant Vamp (think 54mm scale), bat thing and dragon… The official fluff explains all this as the unfortunate side effect of tangling with a sorcerer, (it’s always bloody sorcerers!). It’s all a bit daft really, but whatever – she is an absolute belter of a thing to paint. I did have a little play with metallic red on some of the armour plates, but otherwise she was painted in my go-to ‘contrast first, shade & highlight’ technique, though the large expanse of skin meant that I could really go to town with the blending. The only bit that didn’t really click for me was, unfortunately, her face… despite being a bigger scale, (or perhaps because of it?), I found the detail to be strangely soft and I just couldn’t really get my teeth into it… It’s good enough, but not quite as good as I would expect. Still, I’m really chuffed with the whole piece, and she is the first of many Vamps to roll off the painting desk – more to share soon! :-)