Every underdog has its day part 6

Greetings Terrans, and I apologise in advance for another mob of Conan minis – this time its Pirates… Sounds good right? Well strap in folks, these aren’t the finest minis the folks at Monolith have ever produced.

As usual for the Conan warband-sized minis, the group is built around a core of 15 identical models, with a number of groups of 5 added to the mob, plus a leader. Thankfully, there was only one ‘bonus’ unit of 5 for the Pirates. Anyway, here’s an example of the core 15:

Hmmm… yeah…


If you thought that was bad, I also had 5 of these monstrosities:

Wow… ok.

Yup, that’s it folks. They are really poor mini if you ask me – little detail, even less texture, fucking miserable to paint… As with all the models so far, I used Contrasts, but the lack of texture and/or detail really show the limitations of this painting medium I think. Really, these should’ve been painted with layers to get the best out of them, but I just couldn’t be arsed to put that much effort into such poor models.

For all that, the most annoying thing about them is actually the terrible posing of the models. Packing them away in a normal mini case was fucking irritating, but having identical ‘dynamically posed’ minis is the real annoyance here… The guards from last week could get away with the duplication because ‘on guard’, the Undead could get away with it because ‘mindless automatons’, and the Picts jut about managed to carry it off because they were more broody & hulking rather than swashbuckling… These Pirates just fail in all respects.


The only redemption for the pirate faction is that the leader mini isn’t too bad:

Not too shabby, perfect for Contrast paints, and I even tried to do his eyes to elevate him a bit, but to be honest, all my enthusiasm had buggered off by this point and I think it shows.

So here we are – a final group shot of these & then hopefully we can agree to collectively forget this ever happened:


And that’s it for another week! I have one more mini-unit of underdogs to show you next time, and then we’re on to characters. Onward and upwards!

Every underdog has its day part 5

Greetings Terrans, yes, I’m afraid it’s more progress on the Conan ‘minis’ this week, and we are back to the massed rank and file. So far we have seen two of the four main warband level factions – the Picts and the Undead. Now we get a bit more relatable with the ‘Bossonian Guard’. As usual, we have the majority of the minis being the same sculpt, and then a couple of groups of 5 alternative sculpts plus a character. Here’s the main mini – I did 15 of these Halberdiers:

I think it’s quite a nice mini for what it is – he’s well posed, and has just enough detail to be interesting while keeping within the limits of what can be done well with the material. The box art has the Bosonian Guard as having red uniform, but I’d already used red on the Picts, so I went blue instead – mostly with contrasts for the base coat & then traditional highlighting on the blue & flesh.


Here’s the next pose – five of these guys:

Obviously painted in the same way as the main mini (please excuse the awful mould line – I couldn’t be arsed with tidying it up… the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze!).


Slight departure for the next 5, with these bowmen:

These were painted in the same way, but with the palette shifting to the more neutral tones… they looked more scouty than the Halberdiers, so I toned them down a bit.


Finally here’s a leader/captain for the unit:

Again, painted in the same way but with a bit more effort to elevate him slightly from the rabble.


Here’s the whole group together:

I’m really happy with these – I’m a sucker for units like this where the monopose actually makes sense, but also, I think these minis are he pick of the rank & file bunch so far.


So that’ it for another week – next week I’ll tackle the final warband from the Conan set – the Pirates! Don’t get too excited though – having previewed the minis, I can honestly say the Pirates are terrible minis… If this week’s guards were the pick of the litter, the Pirates are definitely the runts (and possibly other words that rhyme). I’ll be painting them through gritted teeth…

Every underdog has its day part 4

Greetings Terrans, here’s another post about the never-ending tide of Conan ‘minis’ that I find myself strangely obsessed with of late. This time, and in a pleasant change from the massed rank and file, it’s a couple of characters, creatures & critters.

First up, we have this three-armed lump of weirdness – a Bone Golem:

This mini seems to have no golden angle, and is a bugger to photograph as a result. However, it looks better in hand (fnar fnar), and I kinda like it! He was a piece of cake to paint using Contrast paints & drybrushing, and I can see this cropping up in various settings, including Ghost Archipelago and Frostgrave.


Next we have this natty little demon type. He’s supposed to be an ‘Outer Dark Demon’, but I went for a more fiery colour scheme than the one suggested:

This was a fun little thing to paint using Contrasts and basic highlighting, and I’m happy to say that he has gone to a very good home with my Brother-in-Lead’s Son – hopefully inspiring the next generation!


Next I have a couple of gribbly critters painted up:

Nothing much to say here – nice simple paint jobs using mostly Contrast paints. These are super-useful in a range of settings, and I’m happy to have them painted!


Ok, so on to some characters – firstly, a rather grim-looking Necromancer:

Apparently, this guy is called Skuthus – a named ‘baddie’ in a draft Conan story from back in the day. Monolith had some eagle-eyed researchers that found reference to him & lifted the name for this character. He was lovely to paint – plenty of Contrasts used, plus highlighting in a more traditional sense. I also added some blood to his ‘skirt’, to make it look like flayed skin. He’ll be a nice leader for the Skellies & Mummies from the last two posts.


Next we have this crazy witchdoctor type:

This guy is another named character – the rather catchy ‘Zogar Sag’! I painted him with red skin to match the Picts that I shared with you back on the first post in this series – I used the same process as for them, i.e. a Contrast base coat with a more traditional round of highlighting. I also added some white warpaint to this dude, just to mark him out a bit from the burlier rank and file. As with Skuthus, I see this guy making a nice leader for the Pict faction.


Here is the whole group together(to give you an idea of scale:


In addition, (and after the photo above was taken), I finished up these rather fab hyenas:

These were lovely and easy to paint, and were finished in less than an hour with Contrast paints only. Again, these are a really useful bestiary item that will see a lot of use in many settings.

Anyhow, that’s it for another week – it’ll be back to more rank & file next week. Stay safe out there!