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The final piece of putting together my army was to add some characters, most of which were completed before the new codex came out….

Firstly we have my Commissar. Nothing much to say about this guy, other than trying to achieve a ‘wet look’ effect with his coat, (my wife suggested this, to go with his riding crop… ):

0.018 Commissar front 0.019 Commissar rear

Next up is my Primaris Psyker, and I tried to go a little more steampunk with this guy. He’s based on an old GW wood elf mage, with a few bits added to make his staff up, and a few mechanical parts added to his back & head. Some wire and greenstuff completes the model. Point to note, I was paying particular attention to the work of John Blanche by this time, and I am happy to admit that I am a big fan of how he paints. I think that this model shows some influence creeping in:

0.030 Primaris Psyker front 0.031 Primaris Psyker rear

Next up we have a Priest. He’s an old Necromunda model with very little conversion work but a bit more JB influence on the painting. This was modelled to go with the previous codex, (i.e. before Priests were cool), hence the Eviscerator & shotgun. This is no longer a valid load-out in the new ‘dex, which is a shame, but I still love the model:

0.055 Priest front 0.056 Priest back

One of my additions since the new codex is this Astropath – stock model, but very happy with the paintjob:

2014-06-18 22.27.45 2014-06-18 22.28.37

Finally, when the new codex got released I knew that I wanted to get the Kurov’s Aquila Heirloom in my army, so I set about converting me a new Warlord. He’s based on the GW Empire witch hunter, with a Curious Constructs (lovely) Life Guard hat, Inquisitor Coteaz’ arm and Aquila, and a bit of Necron gubbinz on the back for a steampunk vibe. I love this conversion – personally, I think it is my best work to date:

0.077 Warlord 1 0.078 Warlord 2 0.079 Warlord 3 0.080 Warlord 4


So, this little bunch will invariably be added to in 7th – Priests became much more viable (both in points and function), ditto the Primaris Psyker. Astropaths are now an excellent choice, whether adding extra warp charge dice, buffing the CCS ‘deny the witch roll, or granting access to Telepathy, (there is a great write-up on IG Psychics on the excellent Cadia’s Creed (http://cadiascreed40k.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/psychic-powers-and-7th-edition.html). Commissars are still great for making troops stubborn and for boosting Ld for orders etc. and the way that summary execution works is now better imo, so I definitely plan to add more of these dour fellows.

I am most pleased with the new warlord with Kurov’s Aquila. I recently tried him out in a game of 7th and he worked out really nicely. It’s pricy at 60 pts, but the Aquila gives you a 6” bubble of preferred enemy, and I packed that bubble with every plasma gun that I could muster. Prefered kept all that plasma nice and cool for me, while the new orders made them very effective throughout the game, (the single leadership re-roll that the Aquila grants per turn was super handy for getting the critical ones off!). It must have worked well, because I managed to pull a draw against a very experienced Eldar player, despite me being a complete tactical biff! (though, he was playing with a last minute list to be fair) :-)

So, there we are, that’s you guys brought up to speed with everything I have done with the 215th to date! Thanks for looking, and I hope that you have enjoyed what you have seen so far, (thoughts, comments, suggestions etc. are always welcome). I’ll keep this site updated with new projects, units, battle reports, etc.