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Hello folks, just wanted to put out a quick update for the week. It has been quite a slow one, but I have 10 more scions built, undercoated and on the paint station. Some of them have been converted a little, so I thought I’d put up some pics of these for kicks ‘n’ giggles.

One gripe I have with the scion kit is the bloody stupid pointy arm thing that you have to go with if you equip a dude with a plasma gun… I chopped this guy up to be doing something other than pointing while not aiming his weapon. I don’t know how clearly the photo shows this, but he’s trying to cool the thing down with a water bottle – hopefuly this will help with the ‘gets hot’ rolls :-)

2014-09-04 21.05.17


The other conversion I wanted to share is the Tempestor Prime. He’s along the same lines as the squad sgts, but a bit more involved. We have another puppets war sword & helmet deal going on, but I wanted to have this guy look more static and commanding. I’m pleased with the sword arm – I’ve used the cool ‘dagger hand’ with the pinky ring, and reversed the sword point down into the ground. I also cut down one of the banner tops to add as a helmet crest – Bretonnian knight stylie – to make him stand out a bit. The model is completed with the reinforced collar guard, a shield-shaped buckler on the sword arm and a greenstuff cloak. I’m quite excited about painting this guy – he looks really medieval to me, just the look that I wanted. I’m probably going with a gold trim on the armour rather than the silver I have used elsewhere, hopefully the paint job will come out ok:

2014-09-04 21.05.37

I have also been working on another short story in the background – this one is a bit more ambitious and is taking longer as a result, but I’m hoping that it will read well. I’ll post that as and when :-)