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Hello chaps, really quick update today. I got bored batch-painting my remaining Scions so I got into the Tempestor Prime over the weekend – I’m really chuffed with how he turned out & thought I’d put up some pictures. Enjoy:
I fancied having a go at some freehand fler-de-lis on the shield – reasonably happy with the result:

2014-09-08 00.02.01


A couple more angles:

2014-09-08 00.02.162014-09-08 00.02.41


Home-sculpted Lion cloak… he needed one… for reasons:

2014-09-08 00.02.55
Looking at the pics, I need to tidy up the feet, maybe darken the mane on the cloak a little, and I forgot to pick out the helmet vents in silver, but hopefully you can see where I’m going with this.

9 more to paint and then I can get some Valkyries for an air assault formation! :-)