Hello chaps, just a quick one today – another WIP shot of my latest project, and a bit magazine OCD.

First up, here’s the latest progress on the secret-squirrel project – I got hold of a Blood Slaughterer kit from Forgeworld, got rid of all the skulls and went heavy on the steampunk details:

2014-11-02 01.16.51

2014-11-02 01.17.05

2014-11-02 01.17.24

It’s all starting to come together nicely, and I’m hoping to have the basic build finished tonight or tomorrow… keep an eye out for more updates later in the week! ;-)

Lastly, I’ve been meaning to tackle my ever-expanding magazine pile for months now – I quite like a read through the WD mags, but I seldom go back to them once I’ve finished them. The only things I really wanted to keep are the John Blanche articles, (I’m a big fan), so I got hold of a few folders and set about cutting out all of the Blanchitsu pieces. Very therapeutic!

2014-11-02 09.20.53

Until next time!