Hello chaps, very quick post today before going away for a week. I had a super proud Dad moment – my eldest boy painted up his first miniatures over the weekend! Behold:

2014-10-27 10.56.58

We had a really pleasant couple of hours painting at the Hemel GeeDub store under Mr. Cooper’s expert guidance, (thanks Coops!), and my little dude really took to it and is keen to make it a ‘thing’ that we do. I am really chuffed – it is so nice to see an 8 year old sitting down and actually concentrating on something, and I think that doing it outside the home environment is brilliant – no iPad/TV distractions!!

2014-10-25 11.28.22


I also wanted to pop up the latest WIP shot for my latest secret-squirrel project… What on Earth(?) is going on here? As a clue, I’m trying to really dial back in to the heavily converted steampunk vehicle vibe with this…

2014-10-27 10.58.46

Also, just wanted to flag that KR cases are doing a free case give-away if you buy any of their transport bags – offer valid until Friday!! The website is running like a dog, but I’ve managed to grab mine… can’t have too many boxes!

Until next time :-)