Hello folks, a very quick post today, just an update on my self-imposed painting challenge. I finished the February squad at about one hour to midnight on the 28th – just in time! I also finished off the old-hammer Commy and Master of Ordinance. Here’s the full squad:

2015-02-28 23.31.20

And the characters:

2015-02-28 23.32.36


And a couple of mix’n’match shots:

2015-02-28 23.35.54

2015-02-28 23.40.02


I couldn’t resist rummaging through the rest of my blokes to form a firing line :-)

2015-03-01 11.34.28


Oh, I got on to building the next squad on Sunday. I wanted to sneak in a few conversions into this squad – including this rather spiffing fellow – Sgt. Botham:

2015-03-01 20.12.22


That’s it for now dudes :-)