Hello chaps, real quick one today. I was off work with a dicky tummy yesterday, but managed to start this handsome chap:

2015-03-03 20.51.04

He’s a gimme from my pal Ross (Thanks Brother!), and I’ve been wondering what to do with him for a while when it occurred to me that he would make a really good MotF. He went under the knife, (well… hacksaw…), for a leg transplant, and got a new do. He’s been tidied up a bit more since this photo so he’s looking pretty cool, and he has had his undercoat applied.

My plan is to paint him up in a Spock-esque scheme as a nod to the recently departed Mr. Nimoy. I’m not a Trecky as such, but you’ve godda love Spock, and I was very sad to hear LN was no longer with us. Hopefully my painting will do the idea justice, and it’ll be nice to have a dedicated MotF as well… getting your reserves on the board is a highly logical strategy, after all.