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Happy Monday all, and I’m super-happy to introduce LtCdr Nimoy – liaison officer of the (star)fleet, seconded to the 215th. I’m well chuffed with this guy – the aim was to make something recognisably Spock-like & Treky, while still having a serviceable and recognisable MotF. I think I pulled it off reasonably well – there are a few bits I might revisit, (like the shonky writing on the shoulder pad!), but I’m very pleased with the face, armour & sword, and the overall ‘feel’ of the mini is just what I was hoping for.

2015-03-08 21.06.25

2015-03-08 21.07.35

2015-03-08 21.07.00

2015-03-08 21.06.52

It was nice to take a break from churning out yet more infantry and just concentrate on a one-off, and it is always pleasing when something unrelated gives you the inspiration to finally do something with models that you didn’t have an obvious and immediate use for. I do need to crack on with the squad on my painting table over the rest of March, but I’m hoping to maybe fit in another character… I have a really cool old-hammer psyker knocking about somewhere J