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Happy Wednesday folks, I’m pleased to introduce Sten, the Man of Stone, (so called for his stoic demeanour and utter lack of pity or remorse). He’s the Wolfguard Sergeant from Stormclaw – the latest addition to my growing pack of brothers of the Crimson Howl. I still have some finishing touches to apply, but he’s ready enough to share:


And here’s the fluff:

Sten is kin-brother to Mördaren, yet couldn’t be more different. Sten, called the ‘Man of Stone’ by his pack, is utterly without passion, pity or remorse. Where Mördaren is an incarnation of fiery rage, Sten is cold, controlled, calculating and relentless… His twin-hearts could be made of pure Fenrisian ice, but this stoic demeanour masks a secret, for Sten fights a constant battle against his own rage and blood-fury. His desire to see worlds burn and to cleave mountains of skulls is getting stronger – the whispers in his mind become ever more insistent and demanding. His self-control is absolute for now, but ultimately, Sten knows that this is a battle he cannot win. He sees his own future in the twisted form and insanity of Mördaren, and Sten fears this fate above all else… and yet, with a growing sense of inevitability, he also craves the release of losing himself in the howling madness that awaits…