Run, run, as fast as you can, don’t get caught by the Tick-Tock man! He’ll burn your flesh and smash your head, and grind your bones beneath his tread

(Praetoria Prime – Underhive/Sump nursery rhyme)

Happy Friday folks – third post this week! Yey! I’ve made a solemn vow to clear some projects that are ‘in progress’, so as part of that, I’ve been working on finishing the Tick-Tock man this week. Just to remind you, Tick-Tock was started before I went on my holidays. He was bashed together using the free AoS model that came with the White Dwarf mag a few weeks back as the base. I then added various AdMech components (most notably the arms & flamer), plus a load of watch parts. I wanted to make it look like a clockwork automata, (largely inspired by the lifeless facemask), that has been added to and ‘improved’ over time. I really tried to emphasise that there is no biology inside the suit, (I hacked out bits of the chest and abdomen and inserted watch parts in the holes for example), and I’m particularly pleased with the ‘key’ that protrudes from his chest.

Paint-wise, I pretty much followed the suggested paint scheme for the AoS Stormcast Liberator, but substituted bronze for the usual gold. This was a deliberate move on my part – I want the origins of Tick-Tock to be a bit enigmatic… maybe the shell of a slain Liberator has been ripped out of its own time and space and ended up in the 41st Millennium, where it was salvaged and turned into the automata? Or maybe, the spirit of said Liberator is actually still trapped in there somewhere? Who knows, perhaps the resemblance is purely coincidental! Anyhow… The rest of the paint scheme involved weathering, weathering and more weathering – I wanted Tick-Tock to look old and worn out… neglected even. Finally, an application of blood and gore makes it clear that this is one piece of clockwork that you don’t want to wind up!   (badum tish!)

Game-wise, I can use this guy in a number of ways. He’s equipped correctly to be used as a Kastelan in 40k – I have a half formed idea of a rogue bAdMech robot maniple, hiring itself out to the highest bidder, so that is one option… but my main plan is to use him as an NPC in Rogue Trader – either as a mission objective, or as an environmental hazard. Either way, I’m sure I’ll have fun J

Anyhow, enough chit-chat, have a butchers: