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Happy Monday chaps, I’m happy to report that I have a) completed the thugs & warhound that I needed to finish up my starting Frostgrave/RT warband, and b) I’m due to take them out for spin tonight in my first (rescheduled) game of Frostgrave. Double-yey! So without further ado, here are the thugs & hound:


I’m pretty happy with this group – the guy on the left had his left arm swapped out after some feedback from Wudugast when I posted up the WIPs – a significant improvement I feel (thanks mate!). Middle guy is a case of making the best of things really! He turned out ok I think, but he’s a real odd-ball sculpt, and I really wish I had done something about his left arm – that’s three ‘pointers’ in ten figures, which is an excessive level of pointy-fingeritis in my opinion… Ho-hum, he’s just a thug so I should be able to swap him out early in any campaign. The guy on the right is another one where I wish I had done something different with the left arm, but other than that I think he’s pretty solid. I’m pretty chuffed with the warhound – he’s also a Marauder piece, but I went with one of the Dark Elf hounds rather than the more bizarre but obvious chaos warhound. I tried to paint an exotic but believable coat on this little fella – I think it worked out? Anyhow, here’s a shot of the whole starting warband:



As a side note, I also cranked out another building over the weekend – an MDF hab-unit from ‘Charlie Foxtrot Models’. It needs two soft-drink cans to complete the curved side sections, and it’s quite a big item! I added a few bits here and there, most notably rungs up the sides to encourage roof access. Here are a few pics of the warband posing on and around it :-)



So, that’s all for now folks – I suspect that my next post will be a skirmish report from tonight’s Frostgrave intro!