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Hello chaps, super quick update from me today – after my last game of Frostgrave I managed to roll up a ‘magic crossbow’, but didn’t have a model to represent it! I had a quick rummage in the leadpile and saw some possibilities with an old Citadel chaos thug, (the one with a brace of pistols), so I set about him with snips, file and filler. Playing to the techno side, I tried to suggest that the crossbow was some kind of compressed air powered device in order to set it apart as a ‘magic’ item. I got him finished earlier today, just in time for a cheeky little game this evening, so I thought I’d get a quick post in to show him off. I chose to paint his legs up as if he had tights on rather than have him bare legged… I couldn’t resist painting his pants up in leopard skin, (it’s sad, I know… but I couldn’t resist!). A few bits and bobs were used to make up the crossbow, and his right arm was transplanted from an earlier chop job on a Marauder thug… I wanted to include arrows somewhere, but I didn’t think about the discrepancy of having flights on the arrows in hand, but none on the crossbow bolt until painting… hopefully no-one will notice… You didn’t notice, did you? :-/   The rest of the painting was as per the rest of the warband, including his warpaint… Anyhow, here he is:


This will be my last post for a while, (sorry impRebelOrk!), I’m away on a camping trip with the kids next week so I’ll be off-grid for a while. I’ll catch you homosapians on the flip side!