Happy Monday chaps, I hope you are all well! Just a quick post from me this week – it has been a bit of a funny one on the hobby front… Firstly, and probably most significantly, I didn’t make it to Salute this year. A prior (and distinctly underwhelming) commitment prevented my attendance. Secondly, the same commitment kept me away from a GW store until late in the day, so I missed out on all the ‘happy birthday dear Space Marine’ goodies… I really, really wanted the book and the mini… I was extremely lucky, and was able to pick up the Marine from a friend, but no chance on the book :-/

It has also been a bit funny on the painting front… funny as in ‘I haven’t painted any minis this week’! I did finish off the sculpting for this guy (really going for the Mean Machine look here), and got him undercoated:



The undercoat looks a bit weird because I’m trying a technique I have read about – he got a black undercoat with a white zenith undercoat sprayed on top of the wet black spray… He’s ready for some paint to go on, but he’ll have to wait a bit because I’ve got this lot to finish up:


This is a set of ‘Barbarian Huts’ from Scotia Grendel Productions, and is a bit of an indulgence if I am honest… I wanted some scenery for my Techno-barbarians, but didn’t want to go all ash-waste/mad max with it. The buildings are solid blocks of resin, and they took some cleaning up and a bit of repair here and there, but the overall quality and detail is pretty darn good! I’ve embellished the huts with a scattering of 40K bits and bobs, made repairs where needed, and applied the base coat thus far. I also pushed ahead and finish up the ‘Barbarian King’s Longhouse’ to nail down the look. It is the biggest and most complex piece, and I’m pretty chuffed with how it came out. I had great fun with the lichen and moss on the stonework, and I shamelessly stole the ‘bloody handprint’ idea from Krautscientist and his excellent Chaos Knight, the Warrior King ‘Gilgamesh’. I imagine the warriors of the Azmaa ritually cutting their hands and adding their prints for luck as they head off to battle… “Witness Me!!!”   Anyhow, here it is, along with some minis for scale:


I’ll be cracking on with the rest of the village this week – the aim is to have them done by Sunday. After that, things are going to get a bit weird because we’ve got the builders in and the bulk of the house will be unusable for quite some time… Not sure how it is all going to pan out as yet, but I suspect that life, (and therefore hobby), is going to be a bit disjointed for a while. We’ll see how it goes :-)