Hello chaps, just a quicky from me today – I’m still working my way through my cyber-undead Blood Bowl team ‘The Clockwork Orange’, and have completed the Wight Blitzers/guardian class servitors. Sadly, painting time has been extremely limited of late, so I only have these two minis to share with you… but hey, progress is progress, right? Here in their role as servitors:




And here they are with the rest of the BB team:




I’ve taken a slightly different approach with these two by going for a more skeletal look, (Necron bodies & servo-skull heads), rather than the fleshy AdMech approach I took with my counts-as Zombies & Ghouls. This kinda makes sense to me from an undead perspective, what with Wights being ‘properly’ dead and all that. I also thought ahead and figured I’d probably use Necron warrior bodies if I ever add any Skellies to the roster, so I thought I’d better go large with my Blitzers. This also nicely reflects their role on the field – fast & hard-hitting! This means that I just have the two Mummy blockers to finish up, and the Clockwork Orange is good to go! These two are next on my list of jobs, so I’ll keep you posted :-)

In other news, inspired by this post over on sho3box, I picked up a copy of Dinoproof over the weekend and had a couple of games with my eldest son and my Brother-in-lead Ross, (yes, my eldest had his first nerd-night!). This is a great little game to just pick up and get on with – you need suitable 28mm minis for your Slayers, toy Dinosaurs, some D8, a £10 rule book and a 3×3 table. Rules, tactics & gameplay are simple, so this is perfect for a short gaming session, and particularly good for kids. It also has some nice campaign development and some scenarios to work through, so it has some replayability. We all took different approaches to the game – my son went for dakka, while Ross went for versatility… I went with an angle grinder, (which I used to kill a frickin’ T-rex!), and a total lack of guns, intelligence or finesse.  >:)   Sadly, I didn’t take any pics, but trust me, this was great fun all round and for £10, this book is well worth a look.


Finally, the Chapel is calling to me my friends – I’ve been shopping and I have all the bits & basing material I need to start my warband. I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to get started… I’m hoping to be able to report some progress on this in the near future, but until then, peace out dudes!