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Hello chaps & chapesses, just a quick update from me today. I got the next batch of AdMech/undead Blood Bowl minis finished up over the weekend – this time it’s the Ghouls. These were a funny one to re-imagine for 40k, and they are a bit of an oddity in the BB team to be honest (what with not being dead and whatnot). In the end I focused on two key features of BB Ghouls – their speed, and their paper thin armour. The Sicarian kit seemed the obvious choice, and here’s the result:




I’m a big fan of this kit, and have used various bits out of it a number of times, but I’ve never assembled and painted one ‘properly’ before. These guys are pretty much stock, though I did need to shorten the legs to fit the base, (easy enough to take a section out of the shin), and I had to chop some left hands to be right hands, (switched the little finger with the index finger). The backpacks got de-cluttered as well, but otherwise they are pretty standard. It’s the first time I have used the gasmask head option, and boy, are they good! I think that the inflexibility of leg poses would probably get annoying if I had to do a whole bunch of them, and the softness of the transition between armour and body suit was a bit frustrating, but overall I still think this is a brilliant kit. Painting was as per the Linemen from my last post – continued experimentation with black, that lovely orange that I’ve been enjoying so much of late, and blue for the spot colour.

In other news…


I have started putting together some bits for The Chapel project over on Heresy of us – the project is a really cool collaborative project where creativity and story-telling is king. Real life has prevented me from getting stuck in to this as much as I would like, but I’m getting my toes wet with these WIPs for my take on the Ostium Guides brief:




I imagine these guys as being grizzled woodsmen and guides, their age being a testament to their skill in surviving in and around the Albino Woods. They are members of a guild, one of many that exist in the various villages that dot the landscape. – there is strength in numbers after all, as there is always the temptation to avoid payment to a lone guide, (usually by simply murdering him or her at journeys end). Having a guild behind you is no guarantee that this will not happen of course, but it does promises retribution for such betrayals… Revenge is invariably terminal, as he pile of skulls amply demonstrate.

I’m looking forward to doing some more work on these guys. I changed my mind on the one fella’s arm so that needs sorting, and I have some sculpting and tidying up to do, but hopefully I’ll get them a bit further forward over the coming weeks. I’m aiming for a medieval/low tech woodsy feel if that makes sense?

I am really looking forward to working on my freehand with those lovely blank shields, and I am excited about doing the bases – I deliberately went for bigger bases than strictly necessary, and I intend to put a lot of effort into them as a test bed for my warband proper… Speaking of the warband, I think I have figured out what I am going to do in that regard – it’s going to be a huge departure from my usual fare, so I’m excited and nervous in equal measure… Hopefully it all comes together, and I end up with something worthy of the project! I’ll keep you posted ;-)