Hi guys! Wow, a second post in the space of a week! I’ve had a real surge in creativity this week, which has coincided nicely with temporarily having a bit more time on my hands. I have taken full advantage of this, and dived into The Chapel project with a couple of test pieces prior to starting the warband itself. Here are a few shots of some kind of forest daemon and an Ostium Guide shrine – the aim here is primarily playing with wood (fnar fnar), practicing some basing techniques, and getting my eye back in with freehand on that tiny shield:




I really like the new Dryad kit, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to make a really creepy example. I’m still working on the fluff for this particular creature, but suffice to say that she’s bad news… I’m particularly pleased with my efforts at painting silver birch bark on her right thigh:



And here’s a close-up of the guild heraldry for my Ostium Guides – it’s a wee bit rough but hopefully you get the idea – it’s supposed to be a candle, (a guiding light so to speak), in front of a white tree. The meaning of skull beneath is pretty obvious I think :-) :



And finally, here’s an update on my guides following some GS work. They are undercoated, based and ready to paint:



I’m super excited about all this – the plan is to try and finish up the guides over the weekend, and then to get started on my warband… I also want to do more forest daemon thingies, and a whole haunted forest for them to play in! Watch this space :-)