Hi guys, super-quick update from me today – it has been a ridiculously busy time, but I managed to finish one half of my Ostium Guide duo over the last week. I’ve really pushed the woodsy, lo-tech look with this guy – I’m particularly pleased with the lance like blade that mixes the technological with a medieval European vibe and an almost oriental blade shape, and with the mix of technical doodahs on headwear that looks like something from the dark ages. I think these bits sum the genre-straddling nature of this guy up perfectly really! I kept the palate muted, with mostly natural tones and just a few brighter spot colours here and there. I also added a bit of freehand to up the ante a bit – the chest shield was fun, and the obligatory cheques are there as well… I’m really pleased with how well the Chapel sigil on the scroll came out – nice and tricky!





That last photo makes me wish I had a smoke machine – that is quite a menacing silhouette! I just need to finish up the other guide, and then I can start my warband proper… can’t wait ;-)