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Hi guys, my delve into the world of The Chapel continues with more twisted trees to join the three test pieces that I did a few weeks back. My pal Ross donated those test pieces assembled and primed, and having now built my own, my gratitude to him has doubled! They are a pain to do – wonky bits, poor fitting in places, fiddly mold lines all over the place… but, they are still pretty good fun :-)

Anyway, I picked up two sets and decided pretty much straight away that I wanted to convert a few for a bit variety. I ended up doing one normal tree, one extra tall tree and one stump per pack, (the leftovers from the stump going on top of a tree to make a tall one). The hollow stumps had a cup moulded and sculpted inside, and I added a load of skulls and gore – the suggestion being that this is where debased forest folk pledge their sacrifices to the Albino Wytches. The skulls came from a number of kits and there is actually quite a range of sizes involved, which gives the rather macabre impression that men, women and children are all potential sacrifices.

In terms of painting, I tried to mirror my test pieces but I couldn’t remember exactly how I did them, so there is a bit of guesswork involved. That said, they are pretty close. I also tried out some cheap brown acrylic paint I spotted in WH Smiths for the base coat – it’s almost the same colour as Dryad Bark, (if a little shiny), but it worked well once all the drybrushing & washes were finished. Here’s a few pics:

I have plans to use the many leaves that come with the kit to make some low shrub-type scatter terrain – the bark will be white again, and I thought a dark red for the leaves – I know it’s a bit of a Game of Thrones cliché, but it will look rather good I think. I’m going to buy more of these sets, but I’m struggling to think of other interesting ways to convert them… If anyone has any ideas, requests or suggestions, please add a comment below!!


Finally, I have made some progress on my not-exarch based on some of the feedback I got… I think I need to bulk up the cloak around the shoulders, and the fur needs to be a bit more wild looking, but he’s moving in the right direction I think – savage but not evil, strong but not bulky… Thoughts?