Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Well, it has been nearly a month, and I’m still plugging away at my Primaris LotD marines… I have 2 new units to share with you today.

First up is a 5 man squad of Intercessors armed with Stalker bolt rifles… That means that these guys have a longer range, an extra pip of armour penetration and an extra point of damage, (yes, I picked up the new codex a few weeks back, so I know all the right numbers and words now!!). In a world where Marines now have 2 wounds each, that extra point of damage is potentially very useful… Anyway, here they are – nothing unusual to report on the painting front:

Next up is a unit of ‘Inceptors’ (I actually only painted four guys, as I had already painted the guy in the middle as part of my POC). These guys have 3 wounds & kick out 6 shots each at Strength 5, can deep strike, and can bounce around at 10” per turn…  Pretty darn good! I could do with one more to max out the squad size, but 5 is a pretty nice number to have. Again, nothing special to report on the painting front, very much business as usual:

Well, that’s it for another post – more of the same to follow I’m afraid, with more Intercessors on the paint station… feel free to unsubscribe for a few months if you’re getting bored of Primaris LotD! Assuming you don’t, I’ll try and catch up with you all before Christmas kicks in – stay safe out there & all the best.