Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you well. I have some updates to share on my Stargrave crew – full disclosure, I’ve actually completed the crew, but I’m spreading them over a few posts for the sake of content :-)

So, last time I introduced Capt. Zebulon Scoville in his Combat (i.e. Power) Armour. Problem is, in the Stargrave rules, you need to pay a fee to use Combat Armour… I’ve played enough of Joseph McCullough’s games to know that D20s absolutely hate me & that there will certainly be times where I don’t have the credits for this, so I wanted to do a version of Zebulon in heavy armour & packing a shotgun. This gave me a great opportunity to use one of my absolute favourite Olley minis:

I gave Zeb a holstered pistol, but otherwise this mini is unconverted. Paint job is as for the Power Armoured version – Mantis Warrior Green contrast paint & Red & Cream cheque detail.


Next I put together a 1st Mate for the crew – a combat Cyborg called ‘Borgan Freedman’. I imagine Borgan is an old combat servitor dating back to the Olleyan Expansionist Wars, and that he was found & freed by Zebulon before becoming his loyal and capable Number 2:

Borgan is big fella, and is packing an oversized ‘Rapid Fire’ weapon arm conversion from one of the AdMech kits, the size of which probably explains his phenomenal quads! This is another superb model, and I wanted to really lean in to all the gribbly bits on this sculpt & I picked out as many of the little wires and doodabs as I could find. I went with a dark skin tone for some variety,, but otherwise he was painted in the same palette as Zebulon.


Next up is BB-Q, a Burner Droid with code that is so corrupted that it actually seems to enjoy what it does:

BB has a simple conversion on the weapon to make it look more like a flame thrower / burner type weapon, but is otherwise unchanged. Nothing much else to add here, it’s a goofy sculpt but good fun, and looks decent in the crew colour scheme.


Last one for today is ‘Doc’ Legg:

Doc had some conversion work to give him a syringe-gun thingy in his right hand, but otherwise he’s a standard Olley Squat from back in the day. The palette is also consistent, but with a bit more white & a medic cross on the shoulder guard for easy gameplay.


And that’s all I want to share for now – more to come I promise :-)