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The next step in my plan was to bulk out my vehicle options with a couple of Steampunk Sentinels and a Medusa artillery option for my Chimeras. I also decided to get my chaps some much needed protection in the form of an Aegis line…

For the Aegis, I knew that there was only one way to go – the Lucky Punk sandbag defence line (purchased from Curious Constructs). How cool is this? It’s sad, but I find it impossible to line up a Praetorian firing line behind this without wanting to shout ‘Front rank fire! Rear rank fire!’ What a lovely bit of kit! :-)   I also modified a quad gun to look steam powered and clunky with some bits from Zinge Industries, and the Sentinels were given a similar steampunk treatment, with the addition of some cogs, cables and boilers (also from Zinge):

0.025 Aegis0.067 Quad0.068 Sents 0.070 Stand-to


I also got hold of a MaxMini siege gun to use for the Medusa around the same time. The siege gun is a very nice bit of kit, but needed some changes to work with what I had in mind. The Maxmini floorplate is designed to replace the Chimera floor, so I needed to trim it so I could just drop it into the back of one of my existing models. I also had to do the same with the side plates & turn table, unfortunately, the gun no longer rotates as a result. Still, no biggy on an artillery piece I guess:

2014-03-25 20.51.15 2014-03-25 22.45.46 2014-03-25 23.01.20 2014-03-25 23.32.35 2014-03-25 23.33.04 2014-03-25 23.33.35

Ironically, I got the model finished literally the week before it got phased out of the latest Guard codex and I never actually got to field it as intended (thanks GW!). I field it as a Wyvern now… Don’t know if anyone has fought with/against one of these yet? They are brutal… I’m a big fan, and planning some more… I also need to model some crew!

0.071 Medusa 1 0.072 Medusa 2 0.073 Medusa 3 0.074 Medusa 4

So, that pretty much brings you up to date on the vehicle front! Next week, I’ll provide an update on some of the characters and elites that have been added to my army since I started it. Please feel free to comment, etc. and have a great weekend :-)