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Greetings! So, the army was slowly taking shape, but, ask any guard player and they will tell you that the humble Chimera is your friend, whether moving your troops around in comparative safety, or acting as a mobile command bunker for your ordering units. Also, under the old codex you could have 5 passengers firing out of the top hatch, making the Chimera a superb gunboat! I knew that I wanted a goodly number of them in my army, but I also planned to make them dual purpose by having the roof pop off so that I could drop an artillery piece in the back. I also wanted them to look suitably steampunky (punkish? Punkesque?)…

So, full of confidence from my Russ conversion, I went straight to the Dystopian Legions range for ideas. I was immediately drawn to the Prussian Sturmwagen halftrack, and decided to pick up a kit and try to blend it with a GW Chimera. When I examined the kit I saw that the Sturmwagen engine & driver compartment was just a smidge wider that the Chimera driver section, so I decided to try and keep that element in the final piece. There was a hell of a lot of cutting, filing and general ‘fettling’ involved, (in fact, only the Chimera rear door didn’t get chopped up in some way or another), but I was really pleased with the final result. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the process:

0.056 Chim WIP 0.057 Chim WIP  0.059 Chim WIP 0.062 Chim WIP 0.063 Chim WIP 0.064 Chim WIP 0.065 Chim WIP 0.066 Chim WIP  0.068 Chim WIP 2014-01-16 20.10.26

2014-01-16 20.37.32 2014-01-16 20.38.08

2014-01-16 23.33.47 2014-01-16 23.34.01 2014-01-16 23.34.19 2014-01-16 23.36.27 2014-01-16 23.38.06

Once I got to this point I ended up trimming the guide lip from the outside of the Chimera side plates, which were very visible in the final build. I then added some detail, including gluing the on the edging from the Chimera outer plate, a side pannier and a few other bits and bobs, then I went to town on the interior (using plenty of left-over Sentinal parts from the Hydra builds). Finally, I gave it my usual paint job:

0.064 Chim 1 0.064 Chim 2 0.064 Chim 3 0.064 Chim 4 0.064 Chim 5

And then repeated the process (which did become easier with each build):

0.076 Chims 2

I’m really chuffed with the final result, they are recognisable as Chimeras, but suitably Steampunk for the army theme without (I hope) crossing into Orky territory. What do you think? Feel free to comment, like/dislike etc :-)