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Very quick update today – making progress on the Praetorian Tripod (now that the Scions are off my to-do list)… here are the latest WIP shots:

I’ve been working on the cabling for the hydraulics, and I decided to add a gantry arrangement to the side – my mate Steve-O gave me the idea by suggesting a side-gunner, but I think he was politely pointing out that it didn’t really tie in with the rest of the army:-/

A couple of exposed crew should sort that out – I’m probably going to add a searchlight or something to the grab bar and include another bloke for good measure (yet to decide on a suitable model). I may also craft a railing, depending on how health-and-safety conscious I’m feeling…

2014-12-08 23.27.20

2014-12-08 23.27.58


And I couldn’t resist adding a hinged ladder (though you’d need a platform of some sort to reach the ladder in the first place of course!) :-)

2014-12-08 23.28.41


Next up – rivets…. Lots of rivets! She’s still looking a bit sleek and Necrony around the legs at the moment, she needs roughing up! I want her to look like a re-purposed piece of heavy duty equipment rather than a purpose build war machine… I’m hoping to get some quality time to finish the build over the weekend, and maybe even a lick of paint before battle on Monday night!