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Hiya folks, just time for a quick update this morning – I have had a productive weekend, completing the Praetorian Tripod model with more gribbly tentacles, detailing the base and adding a few additions and tweeks here and there. The bulk of the time was spent adding hex bolts to the legs… each no bigger than a pin head, 222 of the buggers in all…

2014-12-11 21.58.40

2014-12-11 22.02.47

Yeah… I’m sure you can imagine how much fun that was!! Anyhow… the build is done, and I even had time to get some paint down! She strides to war tonight, against my good friend Ross and his dreaded Stormbringers… I’ll get a battle report out later in the week, and (hopefully) the big reveal on the completed Tripod before Christmas!!