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Hail Brothers and Sisters! Wow, I can’t believe that it has been a month since I last posted… My hobby has slowed right down for many and various reasons, but I have finally got around to a bit of painting, so I thought it a good idea to find the time to do a post. I also had my first Apocalypse a few weeks back and my Praetorian Tripod took to the field for the first time, albeit still a WIP. It basically went like this:

Turn 1/2 – Tripod shot stuff, remainder of the regiment did what they do best – die in service of the Emprah while giving the good news to as many aliens as possible

Turn 3 – Tripod shot stuff, remainder as before, including getting stuffed in a Wraith Knigt/Talos/DEldar sandwich – I felt I did well out of the exchange as we managed to pretty much hit a point of mutual destruction. Funny moment was getting blinded by the Wraithknight shield flare! Scions turned up and did some damage.

Turn 4 – Tripod Charged by a Stompa and an Avatar (yeah… the allies were eclectic). Hit nothing, got exploded by the Stompa in return. The explosion killed the Avatar, the Stompa, a Wyvern, a Platoon command squad (apart from the Lt.). The Stompa explosion then exploded a Raider and a load of Dark Eldar something-or-others. Basically, loads of stuff exploded and killed a load of other stuff. I got the impression that this was kind of the point with Apocalypse!

Turn 5/6 – The Tripod came back on because I started the game 500 points down, (GM approved at the start of the game), and proceeded to mop up the few remaining enemy bar an elder flyer of some sort. I was left with the Tripod, the miraculously alive Lt from the platoon command squad (who was still hiding after getting caught in the apoc explosion), and my deep-struck Scions who were running around in the back-field.

The Scions did well over the course of the game. Everything was pretty committed by the time they arrived so they were largely ignored! They took several hullpoints off the Stompa, and gunned down plenty of Dark Eldar – including the warlord. They were even happily rend-plinking the odd hullpoint off the remaining flyer, and it was only a matter of time before they finished it off. Speaking of Scions, I finally finished painting them all yesterday – and here they are:

2014-12-04 22.09.11

Command squad – all Volley guns for stand-back shooty fun. As previously posted, the Prime received some attention, and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out! Also, pleased with ‘reverse-stab volley-gun-guy’ at the back


2014-12-04 22.09.12

Plasma squad – back-up for the command squad – note the guy on the left proactively avoiding any ‘gets hot’ nastiness with his water bottle! (and also avoiding pointyfingeritis – a common and painful condition afflicting Scion plasma-gunners…)


2014-12-04 22.10.43

Suicide Melta squad 1, including pointy finger melta dude (pointyfingeritis must be contagious!)


2014-12-04 22.12.14

Suicide Melta squad 2


As previously posted, I love these guys and I’m really happy with the effect achieved with the Puppets War heads. I did find them a pig to paint though, and the crappy plasma gun hold is an issue – why the hell would you chose a non-firing pose for the one and only plasma gun in the whole pack?!? The mind boggles.

Next step for these fellas is to convert a neo-medieval counts-as commissar (!), and 4 Valkyries to bomb around in so I can field the air-cavalry data slate, but that will have to wait… I must focus – I have a Tripod to finish!! (and another Praetorian platoon, and a Leman Russ plasma squad/tank commander, and a pair of Baneblades, and more Chimeras, and a Tallarn platoon…)

Anyhow, peace out one and all, and if I don’t post before, have great Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015!