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Hi guys, this is a very happy post from me today – I spent my bank holiday working through the final assignment for an OU module, and I am now clear of study obligations until October, so woohoo! It wasn’t all work though, I did manage to put some painting time in during the evenings and managed to finish this guy:


He was great fun to build – I used the Bloodletter legs & dog-head from the Wrathmonger kit, and a bit of work on the shield & a weapon arm swap. I was concerned how well the dynamic legs would go with the Terminator body, but I think that the bare arm counters the more static nature of the power armour, and gives a pleasing overall pose. Paint-wise, I went with the same dark grey armour, but had fun with all the extra skin on show, blending him up from a deep crimson wash to give a suitably grim and chaotic look. Here are some more pics (taken with my shiny new iPhone):


And here’s the fluff:

Whatever his original name, this creature is now known only as Mördaren (the murderer). Whether the product of a fault in the Wulfen gene, or of something even more sinister, Mördaren has gradually devolved into an inarticulate creature of rage and fury. He is no longer capable of speech or rational thought, and is unfettered by conscience or principle… he lives only to kill.

When not in combat he is kept caged and separate from his pack mates, for his bloodlust cannot be controlled sufficiently for him to be safely around his battle brothers. In battle, only Sten, (Wolfguard Sergeant, and kin-brother to Mördaren), and Håkan himself can bend the beast to their will… at least for now. Once on the field of battle, Mördaren is unleashed as a primal force of death and destruction – only the Wolfguard in their Terminator plate can stand with him as he indiscriminately swings his maul and shield, howling his rage and defiance to the gods. Sten does his best to direct the creature towards the enemy, but whether Mördaren can truly differentiate between friend and foe is moot… One thing is certain though – once he closes with the enemy, their destruction is all but assured.

So, that’s it for now, thoughts & comments are most welcome!