Hello chaps, just look at what came through the letter box the other day:



Now that is exciting enough by itself, but Mark of heresyofus.com was generous enough to drop a few yummy Black Earth goodies into the box too! (Thanks Mark!)

Speaking of generosity, by brother-in-lead Ross ‘twigged’ my recent forest/woodland obsession, and gifted me an unwanted Citadel woodland set over the weekend – all built and undercoated, ready to rock! (Thanks Ross!). I’ve been dabbing away at it on and off these last few days:




I love how this came out – I specifically wanted this to match my test dryad thingy, and I think that I managed to do that – she blends in nicely, don’t you think? This is really starting to build up my vision of the Albino Forest, and I’m looking forward to chopping and changing a few more of these kits to develop this further. I’m still not sure whether to stick some leaves & tufts on the base or not, as per the test bases I did recently… I reckon it would look awesome, but I’m worried that it’ll be overly fragile on a gaming piece. I’ll have a think on that, but I suspect that practicality may be taking a back seat on this one ;-)

Anyway, that’s all for now – slowly finishing up my Ostium Guides and then on to the warband proper, with more woods & forest baddies to build and paint on the side!