Hi guys, there has been so much good stuff coming out about The Chapel this week, so I thought I would finally break cover on what I’m planning for the more eldritch side of my warband. I’ve been diligently learning how to sculpt fur on my Exodite Avengers, but I’ve also had a chance to get the basic build done on the latest warband member – a Spiritseer.

I love the idea of Spiritseers and their role in communing with the Eldar dead, and this seems very appropriate given the ghostly theme running throughout The Chapel project. I love that they are viewed as necromancers among their own people, and that they naturally work well with wraith-type troops. Wraith troops are about the coolest thing about Eldar in my opinion – I just love the concept of towering Wraithbone constructs controlled by the spirits of the dead… I knew I had to have some in my warband, so the Spiritseer became a natural choice.

Thing is, where would Exodites get their hands on Wraithbone? What if they couldn’t? What if they happened to find an alternative material? What if it was some kind of psychically conductive wood? How would that look? Well… this is the kind of thought process that I had, and I began to examine the excellent Sylvaneth range with a view to merging it with the Eldar range. My Spiritseer is my first attempt at this fusion:

The idea is that she is old, even by the standards of the Eldar race, and she is ready to pass from the physical world – a process which involves entering a trance state while the body slowly transforms into Wraithwood so that the spirit can join the planetary gestalt. This process has been interrupted by a psychic disturbance that threatens her homeworld via the Webway… Caught between life and death, she must rise to the defence of her people, travelling the Webway with a small war party of the living and the dead in order to reach the source of the disturbance – the world that the Mon-Keigh call ‘Chapel’. Whether she can succeed remains to be seen…

Obviously there is plenty more work to do on her but I’m happy with the direction this is heading… I can’t wait to get stuck in to some of the bigger Wraith troops! What do you guys think of the concept? Win or bin?