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Greetings Terrans, I hope you are all well. So today was supposed to have been a triumphant post showing off a fully painted game of Stylites, played at Mark’s place, and showcasing the minis that we have lovingly prepped and painted and the gorgeous terrain that Mark has made… and then my car died. The Machine spirit had almost got me to Mark’s house, but couldn’t complete the journey. Long story short, instead of a pleasant afternoon chucking dice in good company, I had a long afternoon sat on the side of a motorway waiting for a tow home. On the bright side, at least the car failed now, so I can get it fixed in time for BOYL next weekend!

Anyway, it’ll be a while before Mark and I can get together to do the showcase/photo shoot game, so I thought I’d let you guys see the Penitents that I literally lost sleep to finish in time:


So let me introduce them – first up if Kull. His crime was one of blasphemy against the Emperor, and the casting down his holy idols. The Punitore engines within the Chapel determined that Kull’s toungue be removed, his lips be sewn closed, his treasonous left arm be removed, and a penance sentence of life as a Stylite:


Next is Malven, his crime was sadism, kidnap and torture. Malven developed a taste for abduction and bondage, followed by the long slow suffocation of his victims – all the better to savour their fear. The Punitore engines dictated that Malven be permanently shackled, and that his breathing be restricted by artificial means while stim injectors act to keep him conscious… he exists in an endless state of near-asphyxiation and terror, and will continue to do so for the remainder of his life sentence as a Stylite:


Now we have Dunc, and his crime was that of spying and embezzlement. On his submission to Chapel justice, it was said that he stole with the left hand as he sold secrets with the right – a claim that the Punitore engines took literally. Dunc lost the fingers of his left hand, the whole of his right arm, and his eyes before beginning his life sentence as a Stylite:


Finally we have Cobb, guilty of murder and infanticide. Cobb bound and gagged his own twin daughters, before holding them face down in a pond and drowning them… Cobb claimed that the children were wytches, so the villagers who delivered Cobb to the Chapel also recovered the bodies of Cobb’s daughters, and handed them over for examination. There was no evidence that the children were wytches, and the Punitore engines were not swayed by Cobb’s defence. They decreed that his lies be gagged, that his mouth be hung with weight equal to the combined weight of his daughters, that his murderous hands be taken, and that the skulls of his victims be chained in their place to remind him of his crimes as he serve his life sentence as a Stylite:


Pretty dark stuff I know, but as I was making these guys, I couldn’t help but imagine what their crimes might have been. I also thought about what would prevent them from just jumping from their stylites and ending their own suffering – I thought it would be cool if those who seek to cheat their penance through suicide be brought back as servo-skulls, and doomed to spend centuries witnessing the suffering of others… That seems a good way to explain the penitents, the servoskulls, and the skull-jackers!

In terms of painting, these guys were all mostly wash jobs, and are actually pretty basic, (necessary due to time constraints). However, I did spend some extra time on the flesh, and in particular the faces, just to elevate them a little from a speed-painting job. I’m pretty pleased with how it all came together! But hey – now, it is your turn! Mark has issued a challenge to create your own take on a skull-jacker & penitent. There is even a prize! Don’t forget to link back to Mark’s blog to make it easier to have your entry considered – looking forward to seeing what you clever lot come up with!

Anyhow, that’s it for today chaps, I am finishing up one last mini before I head to the lead-belt for the weekend, so I may get a post in later in the week… If I don’t then I’ll catch you all next week with a full write-up on the Bring Out Your Lead weekend 2018!!! Woohoo!